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A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for your computers, servers and other electronic equipment is crucial to trouble-free operation and long service life. Techkat can set your business up on a regular maintenance schedule at six or twelve month intervals.

Keeping your equipment clean and in good working order will help extend the life of your machines and maximize your technology investment. Call us today to get started.


Should a computer, server or other piece of equipment have a problem, the experienced technicians at Techkat can quickly diagnose the situation, repair or replace parts, remove viruses or reconfigure hardware or software to get your office back to work quickly.

So don't ignore that funky noise in your computer any longer! Call and let us fix it today.


As a business grows it often needs increased capacity: more storage space for databases and files, faster processors for computers, added functionality like networking or backup technology. Often these features can be upgraded or added to existing equipment, saving the business hundreds or thousands of dollars and extending the useful life of existing equipment.

Techkat can determine the feasibility of upgrading to help maximize your technology investment. Call us to schedule a consultation.

Custom-Built Computers and Servers

The big-name computer companies build good equipment. No argument there.

They also include proprietary hardware that is difficult to upgrade or replace unless you go back to the original manufacturer. They install proprietary software utilities that use memory resources in the background and slow down your system and include their own selection of software programs that you may never use.

Techkat will work with you to determine your specific needs for a workstation or server, then build a system for you that will meet those needs at a very competitive price.

Techkat does not use proprietary hardware or software. We carefully choose parts that offer the best balance of quality and value for your computers and servers. We consult with you about the purpose for your machines and only include the software that you want and plan to use! Then we "tune" your machines individually to make sure that the hardware and software are working together to give you the best performance for your investment.

All of our new computers and servers carry a one year warranty. Let us help you design yours! Call us today for a quote.


Have you considered the benefits of a Local Area Network (LAN) for your office or home? Many businesses and families find it a great boost to productivity when multiple users can share a single Internet connection or share files and printers within their office or home.

Networking components - network cards; hubs, routers and switches; wireless networking components and even broadband Internet connections - have become very reasonable in price and are within the reach of most computer users.

The technicians at Techkat are experienced in designing, building and troubleshooting networks. Let us help you "get connected"!

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