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Telecommunications Services

Wireless Telephone Service
Tired of your old wireless plan? Like to take advantage of the new portability law with a plan that's right for you? Click Here for a clear, concise, and comprehensive wireless phone and plan shopping experience. When it comes to wireless, we have it all!

Unlimited DIAL-UP Internet Service

Unlimited DIAL-UP Internet Service
Get connected. Stay connected…No problem!

• Unlimited* Internet Access
• 24/7, Toll-Free Technical Support
• Thousands Of Dial-Up Locations
• Up to 5 Web-Based E-Mail Accounts
• Up to 20MB Web hosting space
• Family-safe, Filtered Online Access Available

Dial-Up Accelerator
When you add the Accelerator to Veriuni ISP service or your existing dial-up Internet service, you receive the power to surf at unbelievable speeds. Waiting for Webpages and graphics to load is now a thing of the past. The next best thing to DSL at a fraction of the cost
Unlike costly broadband solutions, Accelerator is:
• Available anywhere there’s a phone line
• Requires NO new hardware
• Easy to install
• Easy add-on to your current dial-up
• Costs just pennies a day!
• Blocks unwanted pop-ups

Learn more about Dial-Up Accelerator

Save on Long Distance Service

Long Distance Service
The Veriuni™ Long Distance Phone Service features:

  • No-nonsense flat rates as low as 4.9¢ per minute, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week
  • 6-second billing after the first 18 seconds
  • Toll-free numbers at the same super low flat rates.
  • Great in-state and international rates, too.


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Mining Gold on the Internet

Need help to "jump start" your Internet business? This ebook by Shawn Casey contains TONS of information, tools and resources for boosting your ebusiness out of its rut. Learn more about it.

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